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What are the influences of interiors?

So many things contribute to what we see trending in interiors. Let's examine a few big factors.

The feeling of interiors change over time. For example, the bold patterns and colors of the ‘80s later shifted to the soft and quiet neutral tones of the 2000s. People once favored high-gloss cherry finishes on furniture, until the farm style of lived-in wood tones gained popularity.  According to Forbes, a whopping 78% of homeowners consider current design trends when revamping their spaces. There are a few things that really drive the change in style, tone and ultimately trend. Let’s investigate some of the most impactful influences.

Cultural Threads

As we unravel the threads of design, culture emerges as a prominent influencer. A recent study found that cultural shifts play a pivotal role in dictating design preferences. Whether it's the rise of minimalism mirroring our fast-paced lifestyles or a resurgence of vintage aesthetics as a nod to nostalgia, the cultural undercurrents are undeniable.

Economic Outlook

Hold on to your swatches; the economy, too, is impactful to the design scene. Not surprisingly, economic fluctuations leave imprints on our design choices. During times when consumer confidence is lower, there's a surge in DIY projects and a shift towards more cost-effective design solutions. Similarly, during COVID, many people began to work from home. This created a much larger demand for renovations, refurnishing's, and refreshes.  With the change to working from home, we saw a shift from the “show home” feel to beautiful spaces that are highly livable. 

Tech & Innovation 

In the age of smart homes and cutting-edge technology, the digital realm always impacts design trends. The integration of smart home technology is not just present in luxury homes. With the growth of things like the Echo, Frame TV, smart lighting and more, smart homes are now for everyone. From voice-activated assistants to mood-setting lighting controls, our homes are becoming as tech-savvy as we are.

Sustainability Stories

As the world rallies towards sustainability, our homes follow suit. More and more consumers are eschewing the fast fashion of furnishings to prioritize eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs. It's not just a trend; it's a conscious choice to create spaces that support the priorities of homeowners.


Perhaps the most influential factor in home interiors is fashion.  As we look at important landmarks in the fashion space, like Fashion Week and the Met Gala, we see trends arise.  A version of those trends will begin showing in interiors the following season.  

The Forecast: Trends of Tomorrow

Trends spur from an ongoing interpretation of what is happening in the larger world. However, they aren’t a rule. As always, look around, take inspiration from what you love, and bring that to your home. 

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