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Personalized Interiors: Designing Your Home to Reflect Your Family's Unique Story

Hey, hey! Today's topic is one I am truly passionate about. If I had to pick one reason I became an interior designer, this is it. We are going to dive into the importance of creating personal, one-of-a-kind interiors. Today, I'm here to share the magic of bespoke design and how it allows your home to reflect your family's unique story. Let's take a few minutes to talk about how I will never settle for anything but your home reflecting your story, your history, and the story that is uniquely you, and your family.

The Art of Bespoke Design:

Bespoke design, or custom design, isn't just about picking high end, beautiful furnishings; it's about crafting spaces that speak to you. It's about creating a home that reflects your family's personality and experiences. It's about turning a house into part of the living and breathing function of your family. Home is your landing place, it’s your comfort and where you belong. It absolutely must be a reflection of the people that live within it.

From Corporate to Creative: My Journey to Bespoke Design:

Before I hopped into the world of interior design, I was shoulder-deep in the corporate whirl. But you know what they say about a leap of faith – I dove into design school and loved every bit of it. And one of the things that fascinated me most was the idea of how I could design to convey a unique narrative for other people’s spaces. This fascination, I realized, was why I have always loved design (clothing, home, furnishing, all of it) in the first place. It naturally become a central part of my design philosophy.

Designing With Heart: Your Family's Tale in Every Detail:

Bespoke design is all about those personal touches. It's about finding ways to incorporate elements that speak to you. Here's where your family's story takes center stage. Every family is unique, and their homes should reflect that uniqueness.

The Art of Personalization:

As an interior designer, I've had the privilege of working with incredible families, each with their own beautiful story to tell. Here are a few anecdotes that showcase how personalized design can transform a house into a cherished home:

The A. Family: A Love for Art: The A. family has a passion for their art, and their home told tales from around the world. They wanted to change to a more subdued feeling in their spaces, so we used a collection of beautiful etchings to make the entry way an ode to this exceptional, original art. That gallery wall sets the tone for a sophisticated, personal and upscale family space that you are entering. Interspersing their beloved art, that fit into the new design, make that design more personal and tied to wonderful memories.

The Samuels: A Growing Family: The Smiths were a young active family of 4 (and two pups!) and their home was a canvas for the story of their growing family. We designed a main floor space that would serve their active family and be a home base for extended family and friends. In addition, the furnishings were made for use, wear and real life, but will still last 10+ years! The evolution of their living space mirrored the evolution of their family.

The New Albany Family: A Love for Sports: The New Albany Family included a parent that is an exceptional athlete. From Golf trophies to Football mementos (but think big, like a helmet and trophies) were incorporated into the space. It was so much fun to incorporate such personal, celebratory memories into their rooms. We carefully interspersed those items within other decor, so they are a visually beautiful reminder of great memories and accomplishments.

Creating Family-Centric Spaces:

A personalized home isn't just about placing a few personal items here and there. It's about designing spaces that are functional and comfortable, all while celebrating your family's uniqueness. Whether it's a cozy reading nook where you spend quality time with your kids or a kitchen that hosts your famous family dinners, every space is a part of your story.

Eliminating 'Matching' From Home Décor:

Matching is overrated! In fact, it's often the personal elements that give a space character, and those didn't come as a matching set. Your home should be an extension of your personality, and that doesn't mean everything needs to match. It's the unexpected combinations, like a vintage side table paired with a modern sofa or a vibrant, hand-painted wall, that can truly bring a space to life.

Kitchen Dance Parties and the Joy of Naps:

As a wife and mom of two young boys who love art, sports, and are constantly wrestling, I know that a home isn't just a showpiece; it's where life happens. It's where you have impromptu kitchen dance parties, where you share ridiculous stories of the day, and where you sneak in a quick nap when you can (because, let's face it, who doesn't love naps?). Your home should accommodate and celebrate these beautiful, everyday moments.

Honesty, Hustle, (and New York City):

Honesty is a core value I bring into every project. Your home should reflect your family's genuine self, and that's something I'm truly passionate about. We put in the hustle to ensure that every detail aligns with your narrative.

In the end, a personalized home is a storybook that you write every day. It's a place where your family's journey is celebrated in every corner. Bespoke design helps you create a space that's uniquely yours. So, as you dream of transforming your house into a true home, remember that it's your family's tale that truly makes it special. I can't wait to help you on this journey of personalization.

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