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Focusing on the details

Finishes is such an all-encompassing term.  We are going to explore a wide variety. Let’s use “finishes” to think about the details of our homes, and account for some of the very specific finishes we consider. 

Luxe Finishes

These are the livable luxe details. These often-timeless elements come into play time and again. Let’s think about puddled curtain lengths. This could be in a dining room that is a bit more formal. To have a beautiful textile for curtain panels, and rather than hem them just above the floor, let them puddle. It’s elegant and oh-so rich.

Paint Finishes 

Paint finishes matter! On walls the right choice is generally a Matte.  We believe in a Semigloss or Satin on trim. However, gloss finishes are back, and we’re not mad about it! Think about using a gloss paint finish on built-ins, perhaps lockers in a mud room, or even wainscotting. It’s such a beautiful way to make a statement.

Use of Color

In addition to the colors as neutrals, instead of gray we will continue to see moody tones.  Bold hues have been trending for some time, and this year we’ll continue to see that.  However, a step further with more color washing. Color washing is where everything in the room is painted the same hue. I love this for an elegant, detail-forward look in a space. 

Hard Surface Choices & Finishes

Countertops are a huge statement in kitchens and baths. In fact, a statement remnant in a powder room can make such an impact for relatively little cost, it’s one of my favorite ways to turn a power room into a custom feeling space! Statement stones are in.

Floors… more statement opportunity 

Statement floors will be surging going forward. We’ve seen the shift in countertops but this same approach will apply to flooring. We will see more color, more variation, more texture, and even more finish differences. This is an interesting move as we continue to see backsplash tile trends accelerate as well. 

Did someone say Tile? 

Tile has long been a residential interior staple. It is the peanut butter to the jelly of your home. The acceleration of options in tile in the last 10 years has been stunning and continues! This year we will see an increase in statement-making tiles. Specifically, using tile in different patterns, shapes, and involved tile patterns. Tile choices can admittedly be overwhelming. Consider every facet: color, texture, shape, arrangement... but most of all, consider what you love. 

The Mix is Key

If there is one thing for the year, it’s this one. The mix is key, in most every way. What I mean specifically in this case is the mix of finishes. Really rustic finishes (think rough stone) with really refined finishes (custom wood-built ins, painted high gloss, perhaps). The handmade paper mâché bowls as display on top of a really refined dining table. A statement luxe lighting fixture above a Vintage European Farm table. The juxtaposition of those finishes is stunning, and screams, “Our house is a stunning, one-of-a-kind space that we love!”

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