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Designing Kid-Friendly Spaces for Busy Families

One thing I hear often is “Can I have nice things yet? I have kids”.  I am a believer in being realistic about what is worth investing in at every life stage.  I do believe that we can have beautiful, crafted spaces that are both stylish and kid friendly. Let’s dive in and see how we can create the perfect balance between fashion and function!

Durable Designs: The Kid-Proof Magic

When it comes to kid-friendly spaces, durability is the name of the game. Say hello to furniture and fabrics that can withstand the occasional art project or impromptu dance party. Opt for stain-resistant upholstery and furniture that isn’t cheap, is built to last.  Think robust materials that are as resilient as your little adventurers (beautiful gremlins?).


Storage Solutions: Banishing Clutter with Style

You don’t have to live with scattered toys and misplaced shoes! Integrate stylish storage solutions that not only keep the clutter at bay but also add a touch of sophistication to your space.  Add furniture pieces that have doors and drawers, likely not glass fronts.   This way you can add bins inside to collect the “stuff” of life.   Baskets are great catchers of things that are used frequently as well.  Creating places where the things of life belong, creates the opportunity for everyone to understand what “put away” looks like, and makes it more likely it happen.

Flexible Furniture: Adapting to Every Stage

Children grow like weeds, and their needs evolve just as swiftly. Invest in furniture that can adapt to the changing stages of your little ones. Consider convertible cribs, adjustable desks, and modular storage units that grow with your family, saving you both time and money.


Kid-Approved Color Palette: A Palette of Possibilities

Who said a kid-friendly palette has to be “kid”? Explore neutrals or vibrant colors that not only resonate with the youthful energy of your home but also add to the decor. From cheerful yellows to calming blues, create a color scheme that sparks joy for both kids and adults.  Don’t feel you have to fall into the character decorating toddlers everywhere.  Do kid in a sophisticated way (but sure, add a Lightening McQueen stuffy!)


Designing Zones: Creating Spaces for Everyone

In a bustling household, everyone needs their designated space. Craft zones that cater to each family member's interests and activities. Whether it's a cozy reading nook, an art corner, or a gaming zone, everyone deserves a spot to call their own within the communal space.


Safety First: A Stylish Haven with Secure Measures

Kid-friendly design doesn't mean compromising on safety. Explore stylish safety measures, from rounded furniture edges to non-slip rugs. Make your home a haven where both style and security coexist seamlessly. I recently shared that in my family we have a very pretty coffee table that is too delicate for my kids to run their cars all over.  So, we have glass on top of that tabletop until we can trust our kids.  I didn’t want to live with something I didn’t love, and though glass topped isn’t my preference, it is a much better option so I can still have something I like there.


Designing for a family is not different than for any other people.  Consider and be real about who lives with you, how you’ll be able to use your home as a comfortable respite.  Style and function can both exist in a space for you to love and feel comfortable that your whole family will be happy.  So, let the laughter echo through stylish hallways, and may your home be a haven where memories are made, and design is never compromised.


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