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Design Alchemy's Second Design Pillar: Living in color

Living in color is about more than just color.  It’s about making choices in your home that are intentional. 

The evolution of Bold: The journey of color is ever evolving. From bold and striking to moody and contemplative, we've been exploring the spectrum.  

This year we will see the return to softer, colored neutrals. I’m calling them “new neutrals.” These create a nuanced palette that adds depth and warmth to your living space. They will replace the grays of years past. Think warm taupe, earthy greens, and soft blush tones.

The “it” color 

Paint companies are consistently talking about trending colors. I love to see what they are thinking.

There is common consensus that brown is back, and gray is out. I agree, but I’ll go a step further and say red. Red is going to be the statement hue of the year — specifically, the more maroon shades of red. It speaks of drama, warmth, and luxury. Check out my picks in the Dwell Well Design Co. Color Box! (Download Design Alchemy, our ebook, including full tool kit with our Dwell Well Color Box here: )

An Ode to Green

I’ll go further to say that the color group of the year will be green. From the soft neutral greens, to Fern, Kelly, and Emerald. We will see green in light shades (new neutrals) to bring the outside in and to create warmth. Darker green shades will create sophisticated moodiness.  

Brown Wood’s Comeback

We have cycled on wood tones! There was high gloss cherry, then gray-toned wood. We saw reclaimed wood and then moved to the blonde, light, white oaks of the world. Light wood will continue to be in, but the biggest wood tone is now medium brown wood. 

Medium wood in this iteration has two very important factors. One, it doesn’t have an orange or red undertone. The second factor... you may have guessed. It’s the finish. It isn’t matte, but it’s the satin of finishes, with just enough sheen to keep it clean and neutral. The best part? It’s warm, classic, and so easy to live with!

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