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A bit about me & Dwell Well Design Co!

Thanks for joining our journey!

Dwell Well Design Company began when Founder and Principal, Jessica Brugger (Hi! That’s me!) decided to further explore my love for style.

Someone asked me recently if I am surprised at my career. I had to think about that for a minute, because- yes, but also not at all. I am shocked I took the risk, that I stopped my corporate career (did you know I majored in Finance + Management and had a minor in Communications?) in Loyalty strategy after fifteen years. It was going really well.

Back story lets go WAAAAYYYY back (you know how those blogs that have a recipe have all that history, and beautiful pictures and all you want is the recipe, this is that moment here. I'll keep it brief). I have always been creative. Particularly in creating things, less about drawing and painting (though I did some of that) but more about building things, creating things, and always doing things. I don’t relax or sit still well (unless I'm asleep, I appreciate sleep like no one has ever appreciated sleep). All of that, but also, I'm very organized, logic rules and strait talk is kind of my home base. (I'm a Gemini, such a Gemini)

I had a very hard time deciding where to direct myself when I needed to decide on a career. I may have had the most diverse exploratory classes Ohio University has ever seen; my adviser was stymied. The practical part of me won and I went all business route. I was so very lucky in my corporate career to largely work for wonderful leaders, with amazing teams (I miss them!) and clients. I really enjoyed the mix of creativity, in both product and process I was afforded as well as the very type A portions of my role. Like all things organizations change and when mine did, it was time for me to go and do something else.

I went back to school and studied at the New York School of Art and Design. I fell in love with the history, art and continuous evolution associated with Interior Design. I loved the ability for me to mix my experience renovating 5 homes, my project management, strategy, organization, strait talk, and creativity. This was the role my experience was built for, but I had no idea until now.

Shortly after, Dwell Well Design Co. was born. After an amazing start, it was time for the next leap of faith.  When I left my well-established corporate career to dedicate my full focus to Dwell Well Design Company. (enter mild life crisis)

At Dwell Well Design Company, we are determined to eliminate matching from the vernacular of home décor. We’re focused on creating beautiful, personal spaces that tell your story. Creating a personal narrative in your home is our primary objective, and working with our clients is our passion. There is no formula, there is no “look.” That is what we love best about what we do.

Thank you for being here, we love what we do and are so happy you do too.

We would love to work together if a beautiful home, paired with laughter, and equal parts processes and lots of communication sound like your jam!

I believe in livable, bespoke interiors. 

I believe in not taking life too seriously. 

I believe that wanting better is the first step in creating better. 

I believe in comfort; family and that home is your haven. 

I believe that every single detail matters.

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