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Dwell Well Design Co. Spring Launch!

We are thrilled to announce spring here at Dwell Well is kicking off with lots of big projects and great things.

Happy Spring! We have been working on some really fun things for some time now, to help you create home, as we enter the season of freshness, renewal and growth. Here at Dwell Well we know that home isn't just about what it looks like, home is all about how it feels. With that you'll see that we don't just focus on what we are excited about at home, but in a few different areas. All of these, we encourage you to think of as building your home.

Our Second Collaboration Candle: Spring Again!

First comes my favorite- a fresh collaboration with Bibliophile Candle Co. We had so much fun creating Winter Brunch before the holidays, that we had to do it again!

Spring again is about the earthiness that comes from creation. The warmth of wood, pottery and friends. The light freshness of leaves and grass. The history and connection of the people you love.

Base notes: Amber, Oud, and Oakmoss

Middle notes: Tonka Bean, Tomato Leaf, Lavender

Top Notes: Sage, Orange, Spearmint

Looks we love, featuring local business finds!

Whimsey & Romance

A trend we are loving this spring is Whimsey and Romance. We will be intentionally trying to create all the "glimmers" we can. Look at the day to day a bit differently, and make it a little more beautiful.

These modern coupe classes are so gorgeous. I can see a elderberry prosecco cocktail in them as much as I can see an ice cream sundae. A great find from Finn and Roe in Powell.

Next up, the Geometry kitchen towel. I know, feels like a thing we can't get excited about, but we can! This little gem is so darned cute, and is a bit of a kitchen miracle. Remember, making the everyday a little more special. We snagged this towel at the adorable Decor by Peachtree Street, also in Powell.

The Classics

This and every year, keep it with the classics. We were thrilled when we found this delicate Wedgewood piece at the Powell Liberty Antique Mall . It was a shape we hadn't seen before and the color was the less popular dark hue of blue. The finish on Wedgewood is just so elegant.

A great shape knit sweater is under that tray. We discovered the perfect dress up, dress down knit at Finn and Roe. Its classic knit, with an updated shape and sweet details is a no brainer for spring.

Color and Character, always.

I'm always finding the unexpected, perfect must haves in Gahanna at The Collective Home Supply Co. The best character items are found when you aren't looking for them. This vintage chinoiserie piece was an absolute must buy. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but shortly after i bought it I started a residential project. I was in my office working away and realized, this piece was the best illustration of my inspiration for one space. Color and Character make a home.

Our Spotify Playlist

Is there anything better than hopping in your car and singing aloud to some great tunes? I think not. So we created the Dwell Well Design Co. Spring Again playlist. It's quite a mix! Check it out from our webpage or directly on Spotify, and enjoy!

Happy Spring, thanks for being here, and we are wishing you all the sunshine and growth you'd like to see this season!

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