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Gift Guide: Ladies

Welcome to our Ladies Gift Guide, where we've handpicked a selection of thoughtful presents designed to celebrate the remarkable women in your life. Whether you're shopping for a dear friend, a cherished family member, or that special someone, our gift guide is here to help you find that perfect something that'll make her smile.



Drybar Blowdryer

I hate to admit I’m limited when it comes to the amount of time, I am willing to put into styling my hair. This brush/styler blow dryer has made that brief time totally worth it for years now! It looks like I just got a blow out when I use it! Total life staple for me!



“For the items that are always with us, why not make them functional and beautiful? I love these Kate Spade tortoise cases for my iPhone and Air Pods - super cute, stylish, and always classic!”

Tortoise Airpod Case


Kristi's Pick


Eye Massager

This thing looks a bit strange, but a friend told me it was a “have to own” and who am I to argue.

It heats, massages, and plays some music while it does it. I use it when I have sinus pressure, a headache coming on, or just need a minute from my kiddos. It’s a few minutes of self-care at your fingertips.


“I vote you make it a set- upgrade both tech items and look totally put together... even when you’re not”

Tortoise Phone Case



Kristi's Pick


Tocca Perfume, Stella

“I love, love, love this hair mist! I’m asking for the perfume this Christmas. It smells divine and is a small luxury that makes me happy.”


Kristi's Pick



Hobo Tote 

This bag is my go-to when I need one to handle it all! It has a water bottle spot, it has 2 zippered pockets, compartments galore, and it's waterproof. There isn’t anything this doesn’t seem to handle in my busy on-the-go life. Highly recommend!


Necessaire Lotion

Sometimes a product really gets me. This one does, it works, the packaging is so chic I leave it out on the vanity happily and it feels like a nice little moment of luxury after every shower. It's the way to start a day!



Fuzzy Slippers

“You can always find me with warm slippers on my feet! These are my fresh pair for this winter.”


Steph's Pick



Go- to Joggers

I love a jogger- and I’ve tried all of them, Athleta, Lulu, Zella... all of them. These are my absolute favorites, and the price makes them a no brainer. They wash well, they let me crawl around furniture measuring things and when I stand up, I still look relatively put together. Don’t ask how many pairs I own.



Grande Lash Serum

When I was pregnant, I lost my eyelashes. It wasn’t a huge deal (in relation to growing a human) but it really hit me hard.

I tried fake lashes to get me through the interim, but I was so happy to find this serum that works. I’ve tried some others since then, but the effectiveness and the price point keep my loyalties with Grande Lash.


Travel Toiletry Case

I have had some version of this since I was in my 20's (stop right now with the math!).

The layout here is what is so important. It packs down really well to take up a minimum amount of space. It holds a ton- and all of it is sealed in with zippered plastic. This is the key, when your full-size hair product (which fits!) explodes, it isn’t all over your other products. This is my most recent version, and it's holding up nicely!


New Balance 327


You may never get a gift guide without some shoe included.

I live in sneakers now. I miss wearing my beautiful high heels, but these sneakers are my newest acquisition as I build up my sneaker wardrobe. I love the colorways that are available, the durability of them and the look. I wear them with a wide leg trouser as much as I do my joggers.

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