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Gift Guide: Host

Welcome to our Host Gift Guide, where we've gathered a curated selection of thoughtful items for those who turn gatherings into unforgettable moments. Explore gifts that say 'thank you' in the most stylish way possible and make your host's home even more inviting. Let's make your next get-together the best one yet!

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Milk Frother

This battery powered whisk creates froth to make your morning beverage... just a bit elevated.  I love this one because it takes a typical batter size (AA) and has a stand to keep the kitchen nice and tidy from too much clutter.  



Part of my job is to make the functional well, look better.  This is the epitome of that task.  This tissue box cover is such a cost-effective way to cover that tacky tissue design.  I can't tell you how many of these I have purchased over the years!


Tissue Cover


Glamorous Wash 

Many of us are doing laundry like it, well like it’s our job.  So, let’s make it a bit more enjoyable!  I have used this Glamorous wash for YEARS and get comments whenever we have guests.  It is a bit spendy, however, you use a capful per load of laundry (accompanied by a non-scented regular soap) and your laundry will smell like a luxury hotel.  This is a great gift pack so you can give as a set or individually!  


Jan's Pick


This isn't glamorous at all.  But my life is better now that I have it.  I got so tired of my linen closets being a disaster, and this product made the biggest difference!  Keep those sets tidy and stackable... and maybe someone else will help you change those sheets!

Sheet Organizer



Glass Soap Dispensers

The sink side can be an eyesore- these give you a fighting chance.  Another basic, functional item I have purchased time and again!  The ceramic tray for the bottles is a differentiator.  The white bottles look clean and simple, the matte finish is elevated, and the brushed brass is terrific for the price.    



Electric Candle Lighter

I love this little gadget!  It is a USB charged candle lighter- so quick handy and safter than an open flame lighter.  It doesn't hurt that it comes in all the colors.  Perfect for home use!

07 & 08

Grow Light & Clamp

Want a unique gift?  This one is for plant lovers.  I got this LED bulb and light clamp that my local nursery recommended and rotate it in a very unscientific way to shine on my houseplants.  It is especially important in the winter, or year-round if you don't get much natural light in your home. 



The Best Book

I don't say this lightly- this is the best book I've read in, maybe years.  It is action packed, there is some romance, some fantasy and some characters that you really believe in.  The best of all the worlds.  Also, I don't usually get excited about fantasy books, so don't hesitate if you aren't sure if your recipient is.  

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