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Gift Guide: Home Electronics

Welcome to our Home Electronics Gift Guide, where we've handpicked a selection of tech and gadgets to elevate your living spaces. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a smart home aficionado, or simply looking to upgrade your electronics, you've come to the right place.

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Portable Charging Pack

This is such a handy gadget! I can take one item to the coffee shop or when I travel and know that all my devices are covered, and I don’t have the tangle of every cord that I have to carry with me. Total must have.


Sean's Pick



Who doesn’t love pizza? This is my pick to upgrade our existing clay outdoor pizza oven. It’s a faster option for when everyone is starving!

Outdoor Pizza Oven


Sean's Pick


Portable Projector

We use this all summer- truly making our patio and deck space an additional living space. We watch football games, do kids movies, all of it. This makes it so easy to have true indoor/ outdoor living!


The audio on this speaker is unbelievable! I love that a portable speaker can be so clear. Perfect for so many uses because it adapts to the space it's in and has voice control. Seriously the best way to listen to music or podcasts.

Echo Smart Speaker



Samsung Frame TV

Let’s admit it together- TV’s are ugly. Your living room needs a Frame TV.

You can choose art to be the picture, so when it isn’t in use it looks like artwork rather than a big black square. You can change the art whenever you want. It is also really thin, so it hangs like a piece of art without any bulky boxes that have to be exposed. A smart TV we all need. Yes, Need.



Roomba 694

This is an upgrade from the version that we have but looks worth it to me! The glory of the Roomba- its passively cleaning all the time. PASSIVELY CLEANING! Each day we pick a floor and let it run while we work. It keeps us accountable for picking up and keeps things tidy. I promise, it’s a need.


USB Outlet

Home matters to me. I wouldn’t be a designer if it didn’t. It also must be functional. Every device we have needs a USB outlet, so pick a couple of outlets where your charging station is and add these. They have the USB integrated and will help clean up some of that annoying cord clutter. I have a small basket on our counter near ours to put the cords in when they aren’t being used.



Italian Leather Charging Pad

Again, with me and the cords- this wireless charging pad is a great way to clean up the cords and have something that isn’t ugly sitting around. Put your devices on this at your bedside at night and be fully charged in the morning.


Tineco Floor One

We all have so much hard flooring at this point. This handy tool both mops and vacuums. I fill this up and get our kitchen, front hall/ entry, kitchenette, and our bathrooms done before the charge is even half used. This version also has the edge cleaning, so it gets right up to your cabinet line.



Under Desk Walking Pad

This is on my wishlist this year. I love that it is thin and compact so I can have it down to walk while I’m doing work at my desk or fold it up and get it out of the way. The price is also terrific at under $300!


Skylight Digital Frame

“We have this in our living space, and I love that our kids can send photos of the grandkids right to it. It’s always rotating new photos as they come in. We don’t have to do anything and get to keep up with what is happening!”

Jan's Pick


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