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Thanks for checking out  Design AlchemyTM!

We know that loving your spaces is the ultimate self care.  If it is time for an update schedule your complimentary Discovery Session via the calendar below.  

We love to get to know our clients almost as well as we know their projects.  Until we connect, keep thinking about how we can help create your dream home, and learn a bit more about our work!


This is just the beginning, lets work together! 
1. Renovate your kitchen or bathroom

2. Refurnish your living, dining or bedroom

3. Recreate your space into a different, more useable space

You are just a few steps away from living in your dream home!

Let's talk about your project! Hop on my calendar for a quick discovery call here


I hope you have a year of exciting changes, updates and projects ahead of you.  I hope you enjoy all of the progress, and a little bit of chaos. Keep following our projects, tips tricks, observations and general craziness on Instagram @DwellWellDesignCo


We are committed to our clients- that means that everything we do is to create a space that looks like them, feels like them, and creates the best sense of home they can have.  It is the only thing that matters. 

Some words from  previous clients


“Working with Jessica and her interior design expertise has been an absolute game-changer for my home. Her remarkable ability to seamlessly manage and organize every aspect of the project ensured that the transformation was not only stunning but also stress-free. Jessica’s impeccable attention to detail and efficient approach truly set her apart.  I wasn't surprised when I learned she had been working in Corporate America for nearly 20 years! I am beyond impressed with the results and grateful for the whole Dwell Well Design Team's dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a design experience that results in spaces you are thrilled to show off, but a process that is collaborative and easy as the homeowner." 
“Initially, I engaged Dwell Well Design Co. to transform a single room, but the experience was so exceptional that I couldn’t resist expanding the project! Working with them was easy, and we truly had fun! (Something I never thought I'd say). The investment felt not just justified, but essential, as every space they crafted exuded a level of elegance and sophistication I hadn’t imagined possible. With each addition, Dwell Well Design Co. continued to exceed my expectations, turning my home into truly amazing spaces that look like me. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their uncanny ability to elevate every corner made the decision to keep adding rooms an absolute no-brainer. Dwell Well Design Co. doesn’t just create rooms; they craft experiences that are worth every penny and more.”



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