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Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

In this guide, you'll discover a delightful array of my most beloved products, largely items that are long time go- to's, but a few new favorites too. It's a journey through the quirks and passions that shape my world, I hope you love them like I do!

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Laneige Lip Mask

I use this every night before I go to bed, no other brand compares



“Takes make up off in a swipe and keeps my skin nice and moisturized. I love that it is a clean beauty product and the price is fantastic”

Cleansing Balm


Kristi's Pick


Headband Set

This headband set is so cute! I love the colors and the stripe. Such a fun stocking stuffer!


Another bag that is wildly functional. I personally wear it as a cross body, but no judgement if you wear it as a true belt bag! It is light, comes in great colors and holds a ton more than it looks like it should! I used it all summer!

Belt Bag



Everyday hoops

I love that these just have a little something going on with the chain. They are a small hoop, almost a huggy, but that chain detail makes them interesting while still being a really easy daily wear.



Hotel Aromas

I am not too big on essential oils, but these smells I fully get behind! I love that they smell like a clean, high-end hotel. The best is if I turn on the diffuser in the evening. Then when I go to bed it smells so lovely, I don’t notice the laundry that I haven’t put away.


Shower Steamers

These are so nice to just pop into the corner of your shower and they slowly dissolve while releasing a not-too-much scent.



Microfiber Hair Wrap

Give me all the products that cut down on hair prep time! These microfiber towels are the nicest I’ve found. So handy, hold up in the wash and help to dry my hair while I get ready so there is less styling time!


Glossier Cloud Paint

I discovered Glossier brand quite some time ago in NYC. I have been a fan since. I love that I can snag this product on Amazon. It gives the nicest natural flush to my cheeks and is completely buildable for when you want a bit more!



Skin Therapy Face Oil

Is it chic? No. Is it a life saver? Yes. No person (man or woman) should go through winter without it. I use it on my hands, face, and neck before bed. It has a light scent that is gender neutral, and it keeps my skin glowing. All these things and it’s so inexpensive!


Coffee Mug 

“I start off every morning with a warm cup of coffee. This one meets all the criteria, function and its pretty!”


Steph's Pick


'Stuff' Pouch


So fun, so functional! You’ll find this at the bottom of most of my larger bags. It’s so helpful to be able to see what is in there and keep all the small things corralled. Who wouldn’t love this little pouch?


Mid Height Socks

These are my recent favorites. The weight of them is so nice, a little thicker, but not too thick (not like Bombas, but more than a no-show sock). I love the height and the nod at the retro stripes. I wear these on leggings days.


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